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Report of Condition

December 31, 2013

Cash and Due from Banks $7,137,000.00
Securities $66,327,000.00
Fed Funds $415,000.00
Total Loans $115,583,000.00
Premises / Fixed Assets $7,164,000.00
Other Real Estate Owned $230,000.00
Other Assets $6,229,000.00
Total Assets $203,085,000.00

Deposits $180,136,000.00
Fed Funds Purchased $0.00
Other Liabilities $4,823,000.00
Common Stock $140,000.00
Surplus $10,086,000.00
Undivided Profits $8,959,000.00
Unrealized Gain On Available For Sale Securities $(1,059,000.00)
Total Liabilities $203,085,000.00

Embry Hines CEO/President
Paul Reasoner Sr. Vice President
Shelly Prost  Branch President
Jamie Cook Executive VP/Br President
Denise Ellington Branch President
Corey Ingram Branch President
Craig Smith Sr. Vice President
Leda Read  Vice President
Tammy Tolbert Vice President
Linda Trammell Vice President
Judy Barnes Assistant Vice President
Kathy Bynum Assistant Vice President
Cody Hambrick Assistant Vice President
Donna Kaye Chief Financial Officer
Jodi Messenger Compliance Officer
Kyle Thompson Chief Credit Officer
Janice Sivley Public Relations 

Cyd Bailey
Jamie Cook
Embry Hines
Corey Ingram
Perry Johnson
Shelly Prost
Paul Reasoner
Jan Cook
Kyle Thompson Milton Mc Gee Jr.
Jodi Messenger Marshall Mitchell 


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