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About Us: CRA


First State Bank, Chico, Texas, in compliance with the act (Community Reinvestment Act) furnishes the following information.

First State Bank, 201 S Weatherford Street, Chico, Texas, was chartered in 1958 by the State of Texas and incorporated that same year. Prior to that date, the bank operated as a private banking organization and has been in continuous operation since 1895. The bank is also a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  Hours for FSB, Chico, Texas are: Lobby - Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM - 3:00  PM.  Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.  Drive In Hours - Monday through Friday 7:30 AM through 6:00 PM. Saturday 9:00 AM through 12:00 PM.  There are two Automatic Teller Machines in Chico.  One of them is located at the bank, 201 S. Weatherford Street and the other ATM machine is located inside Chico Mart, a convenience store, at 303 E. Sherman Street, Chico, Texas. 

July 10, 1995, First State Bank opened a branch bank and ATM, which are located at 809 WW Ray Circle, Bridgeport, Texas. On March 31, 2008 this branch became a Motor Bank and ATM facility.  Their hours are: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM through 3:00 PM.  Saturday 9:00 AM through 12:00 PM.

February 3, 1997, another branch bank with an ATM was opened. This branch is located at 258 U. S. Hwy W 380, Runaway Bay, Texas, and is a full service bank.  With the expansion in August 2002, Safe Deposit Boxes were added.  Their hours are:  Lobby - Monday through Wednesday and Friday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  Thursday 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM.  Drive In Hours - Monday through Wednesday and Friday 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM.  Thursday 8:30 AM through 6:00 PM. 

On April 16, 2007, First State Bank opened another full service branch bank with an ATM that is located at 630 Main St., Paradise, Texas.  Their hours are: Lobby - Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.  Drive In Hours - Monday through Friday 7:30 AM through 6:00 PM.  Saturday 9:00 AM through 12:00 PM.

March 31, 2008, the Bridgeport Branch of First State Bank was relocated to 1709 9th Street; this branch is a full service facility with an ATM.  Their hours are: Lobby - Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.  Drive In Hours - Monday through Friday 7:30 AM through 6:00 PM.  Saturday 9:00 AM through 12:00 PM.

The four branch banks are located within a twenty mile radius of the main bank with the Runaway Bay area already being part of our service area.

The bank's officers have over 500 years of combined experience with expertise in a wide range of credit that include the following types of loans:

Auto Loans secured by Savings and CD's
Cattle Mobile Home and Camper
Small Truck Boat
Interim Construction Accounts Receivable
Farm Equipment Inventory and Fixtures
Light Commercial Equipment Qualified Financial Statements
Household Goods (New) Multi-Family Residential
Livestock Commercial Property
Real Estate Securities
Home Mortgage SBA
Recreational Vehicle Student
Cash Flow Manager

First State Bank has several types of checking and savings accounts to choose from:

Regular Check Account Key Club Account
Golden Key Club Account Now Account
Super Now Account Money Market Account
Regular Savings Account 1st Capital Account
Individual Retirement Account Certificates of Deposit
First Account

Services offered to our customers are as follows:

Direct deposit/withdrawal  Automatic Teller Machine Cards 
24 Hour Banking by Phone  Outgoing/incoming wire transfers 
Stop payment requests on all items Account activity printout/research or balancing assistance 
Safe Deposit Boxes Depository lock bags & Zipper bags 
Cashier's Checks  Traveler's checks 
Night Depository Cash advances on Visa or Master Card 
Telephone transfers  Internet &Telebank Services 
MasterCard Check Cards  MasterCard Gift Cards

First State Bank, Chico, and our branch banks, Bridgeport, Runaway Bay and Paradise are located in Wise County, Texas. Within the county the following banks also are in operation:

First Financial Previously First National Bank in Bridgeport, Decatur and Boyd
Wells Fargo Previously First National Bank of Texas in Decatur
Wells Fargo Bank in Boyd and Rhome

Legend Bank Previously First National Bank of Bowie in Bowie, Alvord and Decatur
Citibank Previously First American Bank in Decatur, Bowie and Bridgeport

First National Bank of Jacksboro in Runaway Bay                         
North Texas Bank in Decatur

The Community Bank in Bridgeport

Denton Area Teachers Credit Union in Decatur 

First State Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chico Bancorp, Inc., located at 201 Weatherford Street, P. O. Box 5, Chico, Texas 76431.

The primary assessment area or "Community" is the western half of Wise County.  The census tract numbers for our assessment area are: Chico, Bridgeport, Runaway Bay, Paradise and Alvord.

Attached and marked as Exhibit "A" is a map which reflects the primary trade area. Exhibit "B" is an area map.

We performed an analysis of lending data from the prior year and have determined that 87% of credit applications were received from customers in Western Wise County.

The bank management and board of directors are constantly re-evaluating the credit needs of the defined community. This is being done in several different ways which consist of the following:

1. Direct contact with local government, school officials, chambers of commerce, civic organizations and individuals to determine if the bank is meeting the credit needs of the community and if not, to determine what areas the bank is not addressing.

2. Future goals to enhance the assessment of the financial needs of the community include; direct presentations to local governments, school officials, chambers of commerce, civic organizations and other groups by directors, officers and employees of both the main bank in Chico as well as our branch banks in Bridgeport, Runaway Bay and Paradise. Also, a program outlining the banks services followed by a request for comments from the aforementioned groups concerning areas which, the bank is not addressing.

3. In general, it is felt by management and the board that personal contact with civic organizations and local governments is the key to effectively ascertaining the service and credit needs of the community.

The bank will not unlawfully discriminate against credit applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, martial status, physical condition, developmental disability, or age (provided the applicant has the capacity to contract), or because of all or part of the applicants income derives from any public assistance program, or because the applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. There will be no unlawful discrimination against applicants over 65 years of age. Similarly, there will be no unlawful discrimination against young people in the granting of credit. In all extensions of credit the loan officers will be expected to look to the four C's of credit: capacity, capital, collateral and conditions.

The Bank's Community Reinvestment Act Notice is posted in the lobbies of all bank buildings for public inspection. This notice is in Spanish and English and copies are attached to this report and shown as Exhibit "D". Also, displayed is the expanded lobby notice and shown as Exhibit "C".

The bank has been very active in it's attempt to communicate with the community and this communication is seen as an ongoing and ever improving aspect of the overall commitment of the bank. There are several examples of the bank's success in meeting community needs such as:

1.  Renovations to a local Country Club at a low interest rate.

2.  Expansion to a church in Bridgeport at a low interest rate.

3.  Operating loan to a local school district.

4.  Expansion to a local church and manufactured home for parsonage in

     Sunset at a low interest rate..         

5.  Fire truck for one of the local Volunteer Fire Department's at a low interest rate.

6.  Fire Hall and equipment for a local Volunteer Fire Department at a low interest rate.

7.  Booster Club raffle, 4 wheeler for a local school district at a low interest rate.

8.  Local Fire Department equipment at a low interest rate.

9.  Local Churches classroom addition's at a low interest rate.

10.  Renovation to a church in Bridgeport at a low interest rate. 

11.  Local Municipality Bond ($600,000) to upgrade water plant.

In addition to the aforementioned credit related activities, the bank participates in a wide variety of community related activities that benefit a broad cross section of the CRA Community such as:

1. Sponsorship of various athletic teams such as little league baseball and softball.

2. Active participation in the local and county wide youth fair through the providing of trophies and purchasing livestock entries at the fair auction.

3. Furnishing ribbons, trophies and other related items for events sponsored by the school and other local organizations.

4. The bank was major contributor for the athletic scoreboard at the school gymnasium and baseball field.

5.  College scholarships for qualified high school seniors.

While the aforementioned reflects only some of the activities First State Bank has participated in, it is felt that these reflect the commitment to the entire CRA Community.

Commitment to the community and communicating with the community is one of the bank's primary goals. Management and the board will continue to strive to ascertain new and meaningful ways of serving the community and at the same time endeavor to communicate these services to every segment of the community.



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