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Bill Payment

First State Bank offers the FSB Bill Payer service, where paying bills is as easy as dialing a touch-tone phone or even making the connection to our web site.  This service not only eliminates the hassles of the bill paying cycle (filling out the checks to pay bills, going to the post office or mail box just to drop off those bills), but also allows you to save the money that you would have spent on postage to mail those bills.  You can do all this from the convenience of your own home.  Contact a First State Bank service representative today to get enrolled in the FSB Bill Payer Service.

Competitive Rates

Check our Competitive Rates on CD's, IRA's, and Savings Accounts.  (Interest rates change on a daily basis, call your First State Bank branch for more information).

Debit MasterCard

We offer our customers the convenience of the new debit MasterCard.  This card can be used like a check anywhere in the world that MasterCard is accepted.  It also can be used as an ATM card at thousands of locations.  This is not a credit card and transactions are deducted directly from your checking account with no finance charges.  Ask one of our representatives for information.

ATM Service

We offer ATM service at all of our locations.  We also offer worldwide service through the Pulse, Cirrus and Star Networks.


  • 24-Hour Banking Convenience
  • Easy Transfers between Checking & Savings
  • Banking made easy from any touch tone telephone

Call us at (855) 675-8371 and do your banking at any time or place.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are available at all locations.


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